How to use the VZ website

Welcome to

The website is the primary resource for homeowners to access information and materials related to the Homeowners' Association. Homeowners are given a log-in and password when they purchase a condo. The website is rich with resources: announcements, calendar of events, homeowners' contact information in a directory, the Rules and Regulations, the gate code, contact information for the property managers and the Board of Directors, a link to submit a service request to Building Engines, emails to homeowners, condo documents like the Bylaws, board and meeting minutes and much more. Homeowners access this information through the HOA Members' Info page. 
Realtors can access the site without a log-in to obtain information about buying or selling property at VZ Top. 
Rental agents can register renters through the site without a log-in. 
Friends of VZ Top are welcome to access our general  pages and our links to Local Restaurants and Lodging.
Using our website on a mobile device: Our website appears on your mobile device with 6 icons on the bottom of the screen.  The 4 horizontal bars bring you to our left-side site menu. The home icon goes to our How to Use the Website page. The star icon links to our announcements. The newspaper icon takes you to the VZ Top Home page with photos and announcements. From this page, click on the 4 horizonal bars icon to log into the HOA member site and access other menu pages. The calendar icon goes to our calendar of events (only open to homeowners). The pencil icon goes to our Contact Us page. Some general pages are visible to everyone but you will need a log-in and password to access most pages.