Winter Closing Reminders

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021
Greetings Everyone:
It is that time again and many of us are beginning to prepare our VZ Top homes for the winter. It’s always a bittersweet time, but we have once again enjoyed a wonderful season here at the top of our mountain. Before we get into the closing up reminders, for those who are still here, please take note. We have had a great deal of animal waste left along the side of the road, in the road, and on the Lawn. Please be sure you dispose of your pet’s waste properly for all our sakes. (Gonzalo said he had to wash his face twice while cutting the Lawn last week!) He also has found 4 or 5 vaping devices along the road, tossed in the trash bin and even on the Lawn. Please be sure you or your guests properly dispose of these devices as they are considered household hazardous waste. 
Just a few reminders about closing for the Season. If you are a new owner, this will be good information for you and a reminder to the rest of us.
• HVAC: Either turn them off or put on the lowest temperature. Winter electric bills can be high. The minimum the Town of Highlands charges per month is approximately $76. Don’t forget to lock those doors and windows. Gonzalo and Jay find a lot of them open, or not locked when they winterize the units. Close your drapes tightly, too. You can also ask to have your power turned off at the electric panel if you do not plan to leave your HVAC on.
 • Refrigerator and Freezer: Be sure to empty and clean them out before you leave. Check “use by” dates. Also, empty and turn off your ice makers. Nasty stuff can grow in there over the winter. • Pantry: Go through items and “use by” dates to take items that will expire before next Season home with you. Rice, beans, pasta, flour, sugar, etc. can go into the refrigerator to ensure that no critters are attracted to your unit for lunch. Items can be donated at the Food Pantry at the International Friendship Center, 348 S 5th Street.
 • Porch furniture, plants, decor, etc.: Either bring them inside or secure them on your decks. The winds are extremely high here in the winter. Things do blow away! 
• Fireplace and Flue: Be sure to clean out the ashes and close your flue. This is also an energy savings!
• Closing Your Unit: Use Building Engines to advise Jay and Gonzalo of the date you are closing for the Season. Jay and Gonzalo will be turning off the water, draining the pipes and adding non-toxic anti-freeze to the toilets and ice maker water lines. REMINDER: Once your unit is winterized, there is a $450 charge for reopening and closing your unit again. You are also responsible for any leaks or damages to your or anyone else’s unit due to water leaks.
 • Stop Mail: Our mailman has asked that we each file a Stop Mail or Forward request for any mail, including junk mail that is delivered during the season. If one is not filed, he must drive up here to deliver your pizza coupon. If one is filed, any important mail will be forwarded, and junk mail discarded.
If you'll be here through November, we'll see you Fridays at the Fire Pit. (You might need a blanket!) Be sure to be alert to the weather and nights with freezing temperatures and take precautions to prevent your pipes from freezing.
Thanks to each of you for the support you have shown the board this year. It was a season filled with fun times as things began to return to normal. Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season and enjoy the blessings of friends and family. We’ll see you when the 2022 season at VZ Top begins!
Carole Levey President, VZ Top HOA 

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